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Brandish proved popular enough in Japan to warrant two direct sequels exclusively in Japan that continued the adventures of Ares and Dela: 's Brandish 2: The Planet Buster and 's Brandish 3: Spirit of Balcan. Another game, 's Brandish VT (Brandish 4), features a new story and characters. Dela also makes  Gameplay - Plot - Release - Reception. 27 Feb Brandish 2: The Planet Buster was only released in Japan by Falcom for the Super Famicom (SNES). This hack and slash game picks up where the original left off and is available in English thanks to a fan translation. Is Brandish [SNES] Worth Playing Today?. 4 Mar Brandish is a game where the character always faces forward and it is the world that is rotated around the character by the player. [BGM] [PC] [opna] ブランディッシュ2/リニューアル THE PLANET BUSTER [Brandish II/Renewal: THE PLANET BUSTER] - Duration:

1 Dec Brandish 2 is subtitled The Planet Buster. This is the name of a sword so powerful it can annihilate an entire planet. As it turns out, this is the very sword Ares obtained at the end of the original Brandish. Unfortunately for him, some nasty king wants it for his own purposes. While adventuring, Ares ends up. 22 May Brandish 2: The Planet Buster is the sequel to Falcom's Brandish and like its predecessor is a top-down dungeon crawler starring the swordsman Ares (or Varik, depending on the version) and his recurring frenemy Dela the sorceress. Players navigate the dungeon by switching around the viewpoint so the. After 24 years, this classic Nihon Falcom JRPG is playable in English on PC. By Wes Fenlon November 30, News Japanese PC RPG Brandish 2: The Planet Buster gets a free English fan translation. News. Advertisement.

For Brandish 2 on the Super Nintendo, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/ walkthrough), 2 reviews, and 67 user screenshots. Wanderer's Lodge Very devoted Japanese fan site with maps for Brandish Wikipedia Japan - Brandish Lots of info, in Japanese. A big thanks to MP83 for supplying some of the hard-to-find disk images, and ReyVGM for aid with screenshots from the first SNES game. Brandish (SNES). Brandish 2 (Super Famicom). Brandish: The Planet Buster is an action dungeon crawler for the NEC PC developed by Nihon Falcom.



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