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7 Oct Godflesh - Selfless (). Oct 7th. Jesu - Jesu (). Oct 7th. Godflesh - Pure ( ). Oct 7th. Godflesh - Streetcleaner (). Oct 7th. Mordred - The Next Room (). Aug 25th. Mordred - Vision EP (). Aug 25th 2. Mordred - In This Life (). Aug 25th. Mordred - Fool's Game (). Aug 25th. 17 Aug Godflesh mainman Justin Broadrick was highly complimentary about the repackaging and re-mastering job, he recently told our label manager: " i finally got to play the first disc of the reissued 'pure' and i must say its the best ive ever heard that album, so, well done on the mastering, no matter how subtle it. 12 Nov Label: Swordfish Year: The sound of living deep inside a coal mine. The feel of seeing your third grade teacher naked on the side of the freeway. Total eclipse of the heart, total collapse of the brain. This record still destroys as efficiently today in as it did in Still feels alien, cold, and.

26 Nov The original Khost material – taken from their second album Corrosive Shroud – is dense, multifaceted and purgatorial with no straightforward 'stems' based approach. Broadrick has extracted what he needed for his work whilst in pure Godflesh mode. As a result, the outcome is claustrophobic and frenetic. 27 Feb I first heard Godflesh when I was Their crushing brand of down-tuned riffs, pummeling industrial beats, caustic vocals and paranoid ambience really spoke to me, coming as I did from the bleak landscape of small-town New Zealand. Their albums Pure and Streetcleaner formed a perfect teenage. 7 Sep Godflesh were the first band to really make his name a name, if you get my drift, and Streetcleaner made a major splash at the time and is now a big flaming turd but the band did promptly correct themselves and release a string of great records after it, including Pure, Merciless (released on a - gasp!.

16 Apr Godflesh - Songs of Love and Hate (). Genero: Industrial/Experimental Metal 01 - Wake 02 - Sterile prophet 03 - Circle of shit 04 - Hunter 05 - Gift from heaven 06 - Amoral 07 - Angel domain 08 - Kingdom come 09 - Time, death and wastefulness 10 - Frail 11 - Almost heaven. Descarga. Publicado por. 8 Oct The inlay of 'Selfless' shows a humanoid robot hanging from the cross; the title of ' Hymns' obviously refer to Christian songs of praise. The title of the last and most powerful number of that cd was to become the name of Broadrick's next band after Godflesh split: Jesu. It's lyrics: "Nature will step on you. 14 Jul However you may be interested to know if you didn't already Robert Hampson of Loop was 2nd Guitarist in Godflesh for a number of years in the 90's and has his own band the more experimental Main. Right back in Loop had all 3 of . A Gilded Eternity - Mediafire The World In Your Eyes (3 Disc) -.



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