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Final fantasy psp maps trial citadel

Citadel of Trials 1F. The Citadel of Trials 1F marks the beginning of the quest for the Rat's Tail. This key item is required for the Light Warriors to upgrade to their prestige classes. An oddity of this map is that the old man requires the Light Warriors to have obtained the Crown before granting them entrance into the Citadel. The Citadel of Trials 2F contains a unique teleporter puzzle. Stepping into a teleporter will move the party to a location elsewhere on the same floor. The Citadel of Trials, also known as Castle of Ordeals, is a location in the original Final Fantasy composed of many small rooms with one or more teleport tiles. Only one teleporter in each room will bring the player to the next room, while the others will return the player to a previous room. The process of trial and error means.

14 Apr - 8 min - Uploaded by Thirteen With a brand new airship, our heroes fly to the Citadel of Trials, where they can increase their. 10 Jan For Final Fantasy on the PlayStation, Citadel Of Trials Map by StarFighters 22 Apr Now that they're aboard the Airship the Light Warriors move quickly to new lands and adventures. Before them lies a great challenge. The first stop is a chain of green islands. Here in the Cardia Islands is the home of Bahamut's Dragons. Bahamut, the King, can bestow a great gift, but first you must prove.

Final Fantasy 1 Maps. Update (/12/13): Image map links fixed; non- ambiguous locations now link directly to the maps. Update (/12/3): The image maps work again, and the previously missing Dwarf Cave and Castle of Ordeal have been added to the list below. The map pages themselves have been revised to. 18 Feb When I went to the desert to go to the Citadel of Trials it will not let me in so I want to know how to get inside., Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Questions and answers, Gameboy Advance. 1-Cornelia city/castle 2-Temple of Chaos/Labyrinth of Time 3-Matoya's Cave 4- Pravoca 5-Elfheim 6-Marsh Cave 7-Western Keep 8-Mt. Duergar 9-Melmond Terra Cavern Titan's cave Sage's cave Mt. Gulg Ice Cavern Lykion Desert Citadel of Trials, Crescent Lake Dragon caves.



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