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###Warning: Don't read this tutorial if you recently have just got wasted or it is 3 AM, may cause massive headaches ### First Tutorial: What you will need: Revolution An account with Your own gamesave - can be extracted from your Xbox HD and copied to your USB flash drive. 1. Firstly . Not sure why but horizon and Revolution wont detect my USB I am trying to install xex menu again any help? PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED!. From xpgamesaves: Revolution is the biggest xbox modding tool on the net. This all in one modding utility allows you to enhance your gameplay by editing the amount of money, health, weapons,xp, and much more. You can also unlock those stubborn achievements, change the colour of your avatars, download.

Hey is the answer is no to the title ignore the rest of this I tried editing my inventory on my world and I did everything right rehashed with horizon didnt put quanty more than 1 for things that cant be stacked. But when I put my usb into my. 8 Sep It seems that the older versions of Revolution had a Need for Speed Most Wanted ( Version) mod tool, but the recent version only has a mod tool for Need for Speed Most Wanted It went into the gamesave just fine in Horizon, but the game says it is damaged and cannot be used. I don't. hi ive just switched from windows n is wantin to know is their any app like horizon and modio for ubuntu. horizen and modio are modding tools for xbox used to give you more money or exp or something. also modio isn't avaliable anymore since they shut it down i recomend revolution. maybe try.

1 Jul Introducing Revolution [img] Revolution is the biggest all in one xbox modding programme on the net. To date Revolution has. 10 Oct Step 1: Software and Stuff. The software needed is: USBxtafgui v (for extracting the save files) Hxd (for hex editing/modding the files) Revolution ( for rehashing/resigning the files) Note: the Revolution tool can be used in place of USBatfgui v Hardware: USB stick/flash drive. An Xbox



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